Monday, 22 February 2010

EVERY Child Matters!!!... ALL of them!

Over the last few days some home educator Facebook 'friends' have seemed to be losing patience with my posts that concern subjects they consider irrelevant, unproven or contentious...

However I, like many other HE'ers, cannot fail to see the links between other current socio-political issues & the attack on non-state governed learning.

Whilst fighting to protect home education, I have become aware of the underhand methods that those in authority will use to obtain & retain control over others. The Badman Review has been an abject lesson in how 'evidence' is fabricated & manipulated in order to push a set agenda. The readings of the Bill and the associated voting process further exemplified how those working within institutions of power will toe the party line even when it's ideals are in direct contradiction to their own moral view-point.

The CSF Bill is presently the foremost battle on my agenda, but I find it impossible to ignore or separate myself from the plight of others who are also victims of the abuses, machinations & tyrranies of the governing elite... especially when these are enacted upon the most vulnerable members of our community.... namely CHILDREN!

I recently wrote an article on Hubpages detailing how families are used as pawns in political maneuvering to the point where the state tries to assume 'ownership' of the child's life in order to control both the child & the parent...

Call it 'paranoia'.... call it a 'conspiracy theory'.... call it 'irrelevant' or 'unproven' if you will... but I think most people are aware that there's something very wrong with the way our government & society operate... and whilst this may not be a new phenomena, what has changed over recent decades is our ability to communicate about & protest against the status quo.

Although in recent years we have been infested with a plague of legislative measures to restrict & monitor the spread of information & our ability to speak out against injustices, the Internet has never-the-less provided the common man with a platform upon which to stand & spread the word to an unlimited audience...

Once upon a time, a man being wrongly arrested for a 'breach of the peace' in Scotland would be news that few people in other parts of the UK would EVER get to know about... however, the rise of our friend the Internet now provides us with the ability to communicate with millions of others, the world over, in the space of seconds...

... and it is with these factors in mind that I would like to introduce to you the case of Hollie Greig!

I am not usually one for joining groups, spreading tales or getting up in arms about paedophilia.... this is NOT because I do not care... but because I have seen how the fear of child abuse is often milked & manipulated in order to create a climate of societal fear which is subsequently used by those seeking to control others & tends to give rise to acts of vigilantism and persecution...

However, the story of Hollie Grieg's abuse is not just worthy of note because of its horrific details... but because it bears the potential to expose the sickening corruption which permeates our society from the very top... Those implicated include a member of the Scottish Judiciary, a senior government law officer, a senior police officer, members of the legal, social work & medical professions & others.

From the age of 6 until she was about age 20, Hollie Grieg (who was born affected by Downs Syndrome) was raped & sexually abused by her father, her brother & by her fathers paedophile associates. After 14 years of terrified silence, Hollie eventually told her mother Annie about the abuses and duly the Grampian Police were informed. After Hollie was questioned about her allegations it was accepted & made a matter of record that she was a truthful & reliable witness. Medical and other evidence supported Hollie`s account. £13,500 was paid to Hollie by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority... & yet no charges have ever been brought!!! In fact, Hollie received payments for crimes that have never even been investigated...

The details of this shocking case & the attempted cover-up can be heard  here in this presentation by Robert Green, a journalist investigating the allegations. In it he describes the breadth of evidence available to support Hollie's claims & names those involved in the abuses.

There have been continuous steps taken to prevent these allegations being made public. These have included the drugging of both Hollie & her mother Anne. Anne's forced incarceration in a psychiatric institution. Shots being fired at the home of Anne & Hollie. The intimidation of BBC employees to prevent futher investigation by them. Legal notices issued. The fleeing of Hollie's father and brother to Portugal & quite possibly the murder of Anne's brother, who Hollie says witnessed her father abusing her. His body was found with multiple injuries in a burned out car.

On the morning of 12th February 2010, Robert Green, was detained by Grampian Police. He intended making his way to the town centre to campaign for justice for Hollie & announce his intention to stand for election as an MP in order to bring to light Hollie’s case. The UK Column asked its readers to get involved by phoning the station where Robert was being held to enquire after his wellbeing & right to legal representation & to show that many people were supporting him & were aware of his incarceration.

Mr Green was not released from police custody until the 16th February. He was first required to appear at Stonehaven Court where a 'gagging' order was imposed upon him. His charge is 'Breach of the Peace'.

I will not apologise for bringing this case to the attention of as many people as I can, irrespective of how irrelevant, unproven or contentious some may think this case is compared to the themes of their lives & their agendas.

Hollie, Anne & Robert have all shown remarkable bravery & tenacity in doing all they can to get this story into the public domain in order TO PROTECT THOSE WHO ARE BEING ABUSED NOW & THOSE WHO WILL BE IN THE FUTURE IF THIS IS NOT STOPPED!!!

If this story is not reported  & investigated then MANY, MANY more children will continue to be harmed both physically & emotionally whilst the perpetrators get away scott free!... Perpetrators of rape, abuse corruption & fraud, who are in some of the highest positions of authority in society, are trying to suppress the truth!!!!

As a parent..... a home educator.... a bloody human being.... I DO believe THIS is my business, it's EVERYBODY'S business. EVERY CHILD MATTERS whether they're home educated or 'otherwise'.

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me." (Martin Niemöller, 1946)
  Please re-post widely.... please demand an investigation.... please help the victims be heard!

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ (Edmund Burke)

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